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Research - M.Sc. Marcel Storch

The "Battle" of Hürtgen Forest

  • Research area: Kall-valley (located in the Eifel in western Germany)
  • Battle between American and German soldiers towards the end of World War II
  • Problem: damage / loss of historical remains by illegal excavations, re-enactors and deforestation
  • Objectives: Digital documentation of historical remains by generating high-resolution digital ground models out of UAV-LiDAR data, detect recent changes and automate the process of detecting terrain anomalies using image segmentation algorithms https://www.konfliktlandschaften.uni-osnabrueck.de/iak_working_paper_berichte/iak_short_report_nr_4.html

Dalum (Emslandlager)

Project “Connecting Memory” – Netzwerk Erinnerung

  • Cooperation with the "Foundation Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe"
  • Research area: Western Ukraine
  • Problem: The exact locations of several Holocaust mass graves are still unknown.
  • Objectives: Generate precise digital ground models out of UAV-LiDAR data acquired by a local company from Kyiv to aid in the detection and therefore the protection of these graves.