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Research Topics

My research focuses on drone (UAV) based LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging), also known as laser scanning, in the context of "Conflict Landscapes". These are landscapes in which historical conflicts have taken place and therefore have undergone some kind of transformation due to a conflict. UAV-based laser scanning is a non-invasive remote sensing method that allows us to create high-resolution digital ground models for large areas with the aim to find terrain anomalies that indicate historical remains.

In that context my current PhD research concentrates on:

  •  finding the optimal flight conditions and parameters for UAV-LiDAR data acquisition under various conditions in terms of topography and vegetation cover
  • systematically evaluating ground point extraction techniques for precise DTM generation
  • identifying terrain anomalies and automating the feature extraction by using advanced methods of geoinformatics
  • evaluating the potential of incorporating LiDAR intensity into the analysis process