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Publications - M.Sc. Manuel Reese

Journal papers

Reese, M., Dasgupta, A., Waske, B. (2024): Farmland quality assessment using deep learning and UAVs. Remote Sensing Applications: Society and Environment

Poster presentations

Pöttker, M., Reese, M., Hänel, T., & Jarmer, T. (2022): Assessing the suitability of different sensor types for deriving soil related differences in plant characteristics. Living Planet Symposium 2022

Conference papers

Hänel, T., Reese, M., Pöttker, M., Jarmer, T., Aschenbruck, N. (2023): Evaluating the Potential of Multispectral Sensor Networks based on Deployments in Wheat Fields. 20th IEEE International Conference on Mobile Ad-Hoc and Smart Systems