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FRICO 2016: Registration

The registration is closed. If you have any question, feel free to contact us via


Industry Day

We are going to have talks given by representatives of: SIEMENS, INFORM, Bayer Business Services, DB Mobility Logistics, and Fraport.


No Name Affiliation Title
1 Schmand, Daniel RWTH Aachen Competitive Packet Routing with Priority Lists
2 Bindewald, Viktor TU Dortmund Robust Assignments with Vulnerable Nodes
3 Hofmann, Tobias TU Chemnitz Optimizing Cycle Times in Robot Based Manufacturing Lines
4 Hähle, Anja TU Chemnitz An Approach to Integrating Energy Peak Loads in Operational Train Timetabling
6 Lange, Julia OVGU Magdeburg A simulated annealing approach to solve job-shop problems with blocking constraints
7 Rolfes, Jan Uni Köln An approximation algorithm for sphere coverings
8 Abramchuk, Yauheniya OVGU Magdeburg On Dominants of Polyhedra
9 Comis, Martin RWTH Aachen Improving health care service in rural areas by mobile medical vehicles
10 Rehfeldt, Daniel ZIB SCIP-Jack: Solving the Steiner Tree Problem and Ten Variants
11 Ficker, Annette KU Leuven Balanced Optimization with Vector Costs
12 Perscheid, Bernd Uni Trier Wheel Inequalities for the Stable Set Polytope and Extended Formulations
13 Kreber, Dennis Uni Trier Using b-Matchings for Solving Statistical Imputation Problems
14 Lüthen, Hendrik TU Darmstadt Partitioning Into Induced Connected Isomorphic Subgraphs
15 Böhnlein, Toni Uni Köln Revenue maximization in Stackelberg Pricing Games
16 Kreiter, Tobias KFU Graz Sequencing mixed-model multi-level assembly lines
18 Heinrich, Irene TU Kaiserslautern Minimal Cycle Decompositions
19 Natale, Marco Vincenzo TU Kaiserslautern Optimization of DRAM Controllers in Application Specific Systems
20 Gaar, Elisabeth AAU Klagenfurt (Lovász Theta Function) + (Exact Subgraph Constraints) = Better Upper Bound on the Stability Number
21 Lendl, Stefan TU Graz Time-Expanded Combinatorial Optimization Problems
22 Gellert, Laura Uni Ulm Quadrangulations of the projective plane are t-perfect if and only if they are bipartite
23 Fuchs, Elke Uni Ulm t-perfection in near-bipartite and P_5-free graphs
24 Jäger, Simon Uni Ulm Exponential Independence
25 Franzen, Christian RWTH Aachen Solving large-scale network flow problems by vertex aggregation
26 Gentner, Michael Uni Ulm Results on the Zero Forcing number
27 Zhu, Yida Uni Trier A Characterization of Affine Oriented Matroid
28 Wiedera, Tilo Uni Osnabrück Limits of Greedy Approximation Algorithms for the Maximum Planar Subgraph Problem
17 Pätzold, Julius Uni Osnabrück Periodic Timetabling with Fixed Driving and Waiting Times
5 Brunink, Jan-Marten Uni Osnabrück Volume bounds for lattice polytopes with few interior lattice points