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Jantje Apfeld

Institute of Computer Science
Wachsbleiche 27
49090 Osnabrück

Room 50/515

Tel.: 0541/969-2480
Fax: 0541/969-2799


Office Hours:

Mon. - Fri.09:00 - 12:00
Mon. - Thu.14:00 - 15:30

General Information

With the formation of the Osnabrück University in the year 1974, the teaching unit Mathematics went into operation. Students could enroll into the major mathematics and could become a teacher in mathematics for primary and secondary schools.

In the fall term of 1977, the minor Computer Science was added to the teaching package and therefore the department was officially labelled Mathematics & Computer Science in 1985.

In the very beginning, there were three computer science professors: Axel-Tobias Schreiner (since 1987), Volker Sperschneider (since 1987) and Oliver Vornberger (since 1988).

Besides the traditional disciplines in the fields of mathematics, the diploma course covered a large portion of lectures in computer science. The students could choose the field of computer science as theircore area of their study. They could also do their diploma thesis in computer science.

Students of the teachership courses could choose computer science as an additional subject. This was also possible for the magister course of studies.

With the new millenium the Bologna reform started. Since the winter term 2000/2001 we offer an international oriented Bachelor of Science program Mathematics/Computer Science. It lasts 6 semesters and requires certain compulsary courses from mathematics and from computer science and allows then to concentrate either on mathematics or on computer science.

For the study programs Applied System SciencesPhysicsCognitive Science and Information Systems, obligatory and elective courses are offered. Students of these programs can do their theses in computer science. Students of many other student programs participate in our computer science courses and are allowed to obtain credits in computer science.

In August 2003 the foundation of the Institute for Computer Science was announced in the offical bulletin of the Osnabrück University. The management board was constituted on Sept. 23, 2003. Meanwhile, it consists of the following persons:

  •  for the group of professors: Prof. Dr. Markus Chimani, Prof. Dr. Sigrid Knust, Prof. Dr. Nils Aschenbruck (chairman)
  • for the group of teaching assistants: Dr. Thomas Wiemann
  • for the group of technical staff: Sandra Dützer
  • for the group of students: Eric Lanfer B.Sc.

Since the winter term 2006/2007, a 4-semester program Master of Science in Computer Science is offered.

Since the winter term 2011/2012 the former Bachelor in Mathematics/Computer Science is abandoned for the benefit of two new programs: Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.